To Stonehedge Bio-Resources Inc. You are entering an amazing world of plant genetics, agricultural crops, processing technologies, and biomass with characteristics much sought in today’s materials and energy marketplaces. Join us on the frontier of the emerging bioeconomy.
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Stonehedge as a Company:

Stonehedge Bio-Resources Inc. is a provincially-registered corporation (1994) operating in Ontario, with head office in Stirling, Ontario. Business interests have included phytomedicinal research, bioprospecting, genetics capture, plant breeding, cultivar development and registration, agronomics, seed supply development, technology prospecting, and collaboration development.

Following the sale of its phytomedicinal interests to Bioniche Life Sciences Inc., the focus of Stonehedge has been on industrial hemp with emphasis on bioprospecting feral (wild) varieties, developing stable genetic lines, and analyzing traits and characteristics in relation to desired feedstock characteristics. Stonehedge has discovered 13 diverse lines of feral hemp, including many with over-wintering capability that will permit fall planting and higher yields in agricultural production. Over the past several years, provincial research funding has supported this research. After nearly 10 years of research and development in industrial hemp, Stonehedge is now poised to commercialize this work by providing designer feedstocks for industrial application.